The Stardust Mystery – Coming 2019

Adventure through space and time to unravel the mystery of stardust. Work with up to three other friends as crew of the Beamer time, space, and dimension travel machine. Travel inside the human body, visit the Big Bang, and meet dinosaurs as you trace the trail of inherited stardust.


Discover what stardust is as a member of the crew in the Beamer time, space and dimensional travel machine.



Adventures along the Stardust Trail to past worlds and identify where your Stardust has been.

Explore the Mystery Museum


Learn your crew roles and mission goals in the Mystery Museum with interactive exhibits.

Ask Einstein about science


Talk to Expert Avatar Albert Einstein: ask him a question and get a spoken answer.

Watch Video

Play with Friends

Cooperate with up to 3 friends at once over the internet, which each of you taking on different roles to collect data before an asteroid hits!

Move through Time

Travel in the Beamer-class ship: a virtual time, space, and dimensional travel machine to follow the trail of stardust through time, even back to the Big Bang.

Learn from Experts

Ask Expert Avatars like Albert Einstein questions in your own voice and have him respond.

Connect the Dots

Learn about missions, roles, and the underlying science in the Mystery Museum.


Move through a large world on your PC, Mac, or with a virtual reality headset.


The introductory commercial experience Mission KT is coming fall of 2017.